A perfect gift for those who appreciate bold colours

Picture this: You have been silently admiring this girl for years now, but have not been able to reveal your feelings towards her. And then one fine day, you pull up your socks. You go to her with a red rose and the moment she accepts it, your feelings are reciprocated. Such is the power of the red rose.

The colour of flowers speaks a language of their own. They convey different meanings through different colours.  The meaning of flowers of different colours is deeply rooted in our tradition. While the red rose carries the tone of deep and intense love, yellow roses are used to express joy and gladness. 

Display passion through red

The colour red is mostly associated with love, desire and passion. It can also represent devotion, lust, and attraction.  Again, when given in different numbers, red flowers can convey anything from “I love You” to “Will you marry me?”

Express enthusiasm through orange

Exuberance, vitality, and excitement are some of the traits associated with the colour orange.  An orange flower, hence, is a bold expression of colour and vitality.  Offering a bouquet of orange flowers is symbolic of passion for life as also an expression of confidence and contentment.

Yellow for joy

Yellow flowers are associated with joy and lightheartedness. It is that colour which could brighten up any dull day. Even the spring season, the most vibrant of all seasons, is associated with the beauty of yellow colours. Warm and bright, a yellow flower is also a perfect way to add brilliance to any bouquet.

Pink: a symbol of grace and innocence
The pink flower can signify a teasing interest, grace, gentility, and happiness. It is often a more modest gesture than that of a striking red flower, offering an allure of mystery to the recipient as to the intentions of the giving party. The colour Pink may also represent joy, youthfulness, and innocence.

Making a bold statement through Gorgeous Gerberas and Lilies

Gerberas are associated with cheerfulness and vigour. If you are one of those who like vibrant colours, Gerberas would be an apt choice for you. Blend it with the purity of the white lilies and you get a package of a vibrant bouquet that will cheer up anyone you give it to. You may also add items like balloons, chocolates, and bears to add more soul to the gift.
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