Promotional Gift Items – A Good Way to popularise your Brand

The culture of giving gifts to employees and clients has been a part of the corporate culture for quite some time. Gifts personalised with the name of your organisation also act as promotional items for your business. An advertisement on TV or radio may have a short attention span but the personalised gifts are cherished for a long time and with your company logo on the gift, it will always remind the receiver of his/her association with your organisation.

There is wide range of promotional merchandise that you can choose from – pens, USB drives, coffee mugs, table clocks, fridge magnets, stuff toys, caps, T shirts, office bags, diaries, calendars and lots more. But the quality must not be compromised with, no matter how small your gift may be. Also, to ensure that it displays your company name and logo the right way, ensure that you use a good service for the print and embossing. Vector based logos are used by professional gift suppliers to emboss the prints on promotional gift articles. These look better than JPEG and other pixel based images.

Christmas, New Year, Easter and your company foundation day can be some of the occasions to give promotional gifts.

Customised gifts can also be given to employees as rewards or incentives. To add a special touch, a title such as ‘Star of the Month’, ‘Pride of the Team’, ‘Team Extra Miler’ can be added along with the brand symbol of your organisation.

Promotional gifts also help to create long term bonds with clients. If a client has been away for some time and you look forward to business him/her, sending suitable promotional gifts can be subtle yet polite reminder to pull new business deals.

It is not the monetary value of the gift but the personal touch and symbolism that make these little souvenirs so memorable. Promotional merchandise can also be used at exhibitions and trade shows to invite new clients and customers to a business.

Purchasing promotional items is simple with the facility of online shopping. You can easily browse through a wide range of gifts, get them customised as per your requirement and have them delivered at your door step. Some gift suppliers also offer an additional service to suggest the most suitable promotional merchandise in sync with your budget, preferences and other special requirements.