Follow the Vastu Guidelines to Decorate Your flat in Pailan

To add much zest and sparkle to your home, follow the Vastu guidelines without any second thought. Needless to say, that every individual wants a bright and happy home that provides warmth, comfort and a great ambiance that radiates a heartening glow. Did you know that the ‘Five Elements’ (Panchtattva) theory and the energies of the 16 ‘MahaVastu’ areas together can gift you a great life? For this, you need to know about the ancient insight of the Vastu Shastra, which will help you learn about the use of artefacts, colours and plants. In fact, these will help with beautifying and raising the energy levels of a home. So, this time when you buy a flat in Pailan, make sure you follow the useful Vastu guidelines to lead a happy life.

Needless to say, that today people have become quite aware of the Vastu tips and its huge contribution to the present lifestyle. Here are some of the important Vastu Guidelines for your ready reference. Refer to them as required and shield your home from all negative energies.

  • To bring prosperity, place an aquarium right at the South East corner of the living room.
  • Do not keep posters of a war scene, owl, angry person and crying woman in your rooms as these are considered inauspicious.
  • Once in every three years, perform Navagrah shanty and Ganesh pooja to remove Vastu ‘dosh’ of your house.
  • Did you know that salt absorbs all negative energies? So, keep bowls of salt at every corner of your home.
  • Did you know that hanging a couple of metal bells at the main gate could bring in positivity? As per Vastu Shastra the tinkling of bells breaks the energy patterns, thereby, helping in the inflow of positive energies.
  • To drive in positive energy, place the Om and Swastik symbols.
  • Do not forget to place and sprinkle holy water at the closed and dark corners of your home.
  • There should be no mirrors in your bedroom. If at all you place them, position the same right away from your bed. Do cover them while you go to sleep. This must be done or else it might lead to discord in your family along with ill health.
  • Chanting and meditating once a day is believed to infuse positivity in the environment.
  • Avoid keeping medicines in your kitchen as these attract negative energy.
  • In order to get rid of any negative energy, take a glass full of water to place a lemon. Make sure you change it every Saturday to get good results.
  • As you have planned to buy a flat in Pailan, make sure you have your kitchen right in the South East corner of your apartment. If this is not possible, then at least try to place your gas stove right in the South Eastern part of your kitchen.
  • Did you know that fire is considered as a powerful cosmic purifier? It is always advisable to burn incense sticks and earthen lamps both in the morning and in the evening.

So, follow the above-mentioned Vastu guidelines for your home to live a happy life.
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