Wooden toys are durable and non-toxic

Kids and toys are always inseparable. They love playing with toys and they are their best friends in their growing days. When a child is just a few months old or very small to go outside and play with other kids, they find happiness by playing with their toys. Parents also buy them varieties of play stuffs so that they remain engaged most of the time playing and having fun with them. With toys, they discover new things and also love spending time with them.

Now there has been a lot of debate on what to give your child when you think of buying toys for them? There have been a lot of confusions regarding one should go for wooden or natural toys or go for plastic toys when it comes. It is true that, plastic toys do have a huge amount if varieties and they are very much popular but wooden toys also have their own set of advantages which should not be overlooked. If one wants to buy a wooden toy, they can go for baby shummee toys sale online India and choose from the range of varieties they have.

Before deciding on what to buy; one can get to know the advantages and disadvantages of wooden toys and plastic toys as well.
  • Wooden toys are any day much durable than the plastic toys. No matter what, the wooden toys can stand the passing time and prove their durability all the time. In fact, this is also not very surprising if you get to know that a wooden toy can be actually passed down from one generation to another. More than a toy, it becomes a possession and lot of emotions and memories gets attached to it as it is passed down from mother to daughter or from father to son.
  • If you keep aside the durability, the other advantage of playing with wooden toys is that, they are made from nontoxic elements. They are completely safe for a child who is a few months old or a toddler. This is because; they have a habit of putting everything in their mouth. The elements that are used to make these toys are completely safe and one cannot get infected by them. They are very eco-friendly and they can be recycled as well once they are broken. They do not have any kind of toxins and that is why; they are completely safe with the child.
  • Wooden toys can actually enhance the imagination of a child. They are mainly open ended toys and that is why a child can play with it the way they want it. It helps them to boost their imagination power.
  • But there are some disadvantages of playing with a wooden toy as well. They are harder in nature than the plastic toys and one can hurt them if they are not careful while playing with it. On the other hand, they hard and so if one tries to bite them, the teeth might get damaged of a child. So the parents have to keep an eye on the child when they are playing with wooden toys.
There are huge varieties of children’s toys shumme online India where one can log in and choose the best toys for their child. The child will have a lovely time playing with them.
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