Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in India

With advancement in Yoga techniques and its gaining popularity for its physical as well as mental health benefits, there are thousands of new aspired candidates who want to pursue as Yoga teacher. Yoga is such a field in which teachers are not only marked by their degree, but the amount of hard work and skill they pose. But, to be a certified yoga teacher you should get an advance training.

In this article, we will discuss about all the aspects of getting 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training.


There are certain criteria and parameter which one should compulsory fulfil, if he wants to get advanced yoga teacher training.

First of all the candidate should have completed its 200 hour yoga teacher training from recognised hatha school. One should have keen interest toward yoga and been a daily practitioner. Existing yoga teachers are the best suitable candidate. Moreover, a person should be resilient to long hour yoga session and must be free from lung disease, blood pressure or any chronic illness.


There are several benefits of getting 300 hours yoga teacher training.
You will just get advanced in performing ‘aasanas’. Under experts you could learn to hold the posture bit longer than usual, and get your fault rectify if any. One could learn how to apply proper anatomy and physiology while teaching students or for own practice. Also, trainee get deeper understanding of philosophy concepts of Bhagwat Gita and Patanjali yog sutras and learn better techniques of meditation, yoga nidra and pranayam, perhaps this could be applied while teaching students.

       Guidance under experts

Basically, the teachers of advanced yoga training are highly experienced and cognizant. They have been in the business for pretty much long time. They are knowledgeable and passionate teachers who understand the philosophy and psychology of students very well. The classes are run on definite methodology where one could understand the principles of teaching yoga and get their skill sharpen. One could also repair its emotional and physical setting.

       Certification & Career

At every stage of this training course, trainee is nurtured and trained on the fixed guidelines. Written and practical exams are also conducted to test the caliber of candidates. After the completion of this rigid course, candidate is certified with RYT 300 accredited by Yoga alliance or International Yoga Federation. This certificate would make him eligible for teaching intermediate and advanced level yoga or to get enrolled for RYT 500.

There are many aspirants who aims to join Yoga teacher training in India, only for the attention and glamour which is associated with yoga. This is clear misconception, being a yoga teacher is very tough job. One should be highly devoted to yoga and love the real cause of performing and teaching yoga before getting indulge in this affair.
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