Dbol Blue Hearts: Fake or Real?

One of the most popular anabolic steroid on the market today is Methandrostenolone, which is more popular by the name of Dianabol Blue Hearts or Dbol. The stem of the name is from its appearance of blue colour in a heart shaped tablet. It is often in praise for its fast acting results and is usually the first-acting steroid taken during a steroid cycle. One of the allures of blue heart is the result orientatiobn speed. Tokyo has produced some really effective 5 mg and 10 mg tablets. Anabol and methandon are other steroids that are based out of Thailand and have a rich value in export market. 
  1. Generally, Dbol blue heart tablet are available as 10 mg tablets. Those who properly use it see increase in strength, muscle size and a decrease in visceral fat. It is alone known to produce significant results. You must also keep in mind that it really shines when stacked with other steroids due to its synergistic effect.
  2. You dosage intake will be based on your previous steroid use history, desired gains, and medical history. For first time users, 25 mg a day is recommended or about three Blue Heart pills. Each pill has 10 mg of Methandrostenolone. As you begin to plateau, you can slowly increase the dosage, being careful to never exceed 50 mg a day. There is a great similarity between the tablets based out of Thailand and that of Tokyo.
  3. You may risk to unwanted side effects if you take more than five of these dbol 10 mg pills a day. Due to its short half-life, it is best that you dose with dbol throughout the day to maintain proper levels of the hormone in your blood. Those athletes who are smart steroid user experience no to little side effects. These athletes are professionals who use anabolics like blue hearts in phases, or what they call ‘cycle’.
  4. Most experienced professionals will tell you to supplement with testosterone if you are expecting the best result from dbol. Both hormone combines greatly to produce effects greater than their individual parts. To achieve maximum results, dbol must be combined with injectable steroids. For example, a Blue Heart can be taken with Trenbolone Acetate and DecaDurabolin. It is therefore no mystery why the most popular Dianabol cycles involve injectable steroids like DecaDurabolin.
  5. Generally most of the steroids have the potential to produce undesired side effects in users. Dbol Blue Hearts is no much exception. The positive news is that using a proper Dianabol cycle, along with aggressive post-cycling therapy, is associated with practically no undesired side effects.
Though it is illegal to buy without a prescription in many developed countries, you may find the product flushing in the black market. Make sure you buy the right product and not the duplicate one. Also ensure you take all necessary precautions and keep working hard in the gym. Obviously, it is not going to provide you automatic gain. But it can assist you take your hard work much faster to orient the expected result.
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