Early Symptoms of Alzheimer

The world is very well-known of the disease Alzheimer, which is found mostly in old people. It is one of the very common diseases, which gradually affect the mind as well as body. People above 60 are more vulnerable to the disease, but this is a genetic disease and could happen at very young age. One should always be prepared and on the toes, once he passes 50.

In this article we will tell you about few symptoms which will be helpful in identifying the disease.

·      Memory loss

The first most and very significant symptom of Alzheimer is memory loss. Patients usually tend to forget recently learned information and important dates and events. In lateral stage patient even forget his or her name and ask about the same information again and again. These patients should be handled with more care and patience. Family members should never leave them alone outside.

·      Confusion 

A person with Alzheimer often gets confused in dates, names and passage of time. They feel lot of trouble in understanding what’s going on in their surroundings and lose track as where they are? & Why?

·       Unable to solve simple problems

Some people lose their ability to solve problems on daily basis especially with numbers. Whether it comes to track bills, repayment of loans etc, everything seems to be difficult. Moreover, they may face problems in doing things they are habitual of like simple home tasks such as cooking, driving etc.

·       Difficulty in reading speaking and vision

Once a person is stuck by Alzheimer, it starts facing problems in vision. Determining colour, pictures, judging contrast, distance, speed, all becomes very tough. Moreover, sufferer may face trouble in speaking. They tend to lose concentration in between conversation and become clueless. Vocabularies also get affected, wrong words are used in phrases or they start calling things by wrong name.

·       Ruined Social life 

A person suffering from Alzheimer, start getting cut from social events, parties and gathering. Sometimes, even person get so much discouraged that he/she stops hobbies, work or playing sports. This is really very dangerous; one could lead himself in depression which could affect its physical health as well.

·       Changes in mood and personality

People suffering from Alzheimer, become all new person. Now they are more suspicious, confused, depressed or anxious. They get easily angry and sad, once they are out of their comfort zone.

These are few symptoms of Alzheimer; one should get early treatment if any symptoms are found. Ayurvedic treatment is best suggested for disease, as it has no side effects and cost less compare to allopathic.
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