Most Beautiful Irresistible Flowers of the World

Few beautiful creatures of god are irresistible for anyone and loved by everyone. One of those universal elements which are present everywhere on the horizon is flower. Nothing could be more expressive than these soft, fragrant flowers. They found their place in every emotion and events of the human life. From weddings, birthdays, function, parties to commemoration and condolence.

Happiness is cherished by them and sorrows are balanced by them. Ultimately, flowers never give a chance to disappoint and in this article we will tell about most beautiful flowers of the world.
  • Rose
Undoubtedly, at the number one spot is to be the rose. This time less beauty is one of the most expressive flowers which symbolize love, honor, faith, beauty, and passion. This pretty fragrant flower has been cultivated since 500 BC on earth. Its beautiful appearance, strong odour makes it suitable for every occasion, especially wedding and anniversaries. Roses are found in more than 1000 species, of different shapes and sizes; everyone has its unique beauty.  From the classic red rose, to the popular Juliet garden rose, it suits everyone taste for sure.
  • Orchids
Orchids are the most exotic flower which one could grow inside their garden. Covering more than 20,000 species, orchids are the biggest flowering plant family in the world. Orchids are found in different shapes and sizes, also they have distinguished life span. But, the most highlighting features of orchids are their unique statutes and vibrant colors. Among all species, the most popular domestic species is the moth orchid, these large orchid blooms are popular for their size.
  • Lotus
Being the national flower of India, it is associated with our pride. In terms of beauty no one could beat this big beautiful flower. This aquatic flower is found in murky waters. They are very sensitive to light, as they only open its petal in sunshine and close it during night. Majorly lotus is found in light pink and white colour and considered as a highly sacred flower in both Hinduism and Buddhism which symbolizes purity, harmony, divinity and grace.
  • Tulips
This beautiful flower is known for their unique shape, vibrant colours and mainly found in Africa, Asia, and Europe. It has more than 150 species and 3000 variety which show that, how much this flower is popular across the globe. From bright reds and yellows to nearly black purples, tulips come in all shades.
  • Dahlia
One of the most popular flowers among flower lover, dahlia is known for its layered petals and showy bloom. Basically, it is native to Mexico but today, these are highly cultivated and hybridized by breeders across the world. This beautiful flower comes in almost every colour but the most admired one comes in pink, orange, and red.

Flowers have always been in high demand for their usage. Due to emergence of several online flower portals, one could send flowers to Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Chennai etc. Try these beautiful flowers as a gift to cherish the moment with your family and friends.
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