Want to get rid of troubles? Try these stones

As per the Hinduism, the human body is made of five elements as per the Hindu scriptures, and all these five elements have effects on each and everybody. According to different planetary positions, one has to face ups and downs in life. To overcome some difficult situations, the Vedic Astrology suggests wearing of some stones which can be recommended by an expert in the field only. There are various precious and semi-precious stones that can avoid malefic effects of different planets. 

The Cats eye stone: 

This stone is also known as Lehsunia, and it represents the shadow planet Ketu. This stone has positive effects on the health of the wearer. One can also get the effects of same on one’s wisdom and prosperity. As the stone has the look like the cat'seye, it is known by the same. The wearer of the stone should wear it in the middle finger. One can get the stone fixed in a ring or a pendant as well as a bracelet made of Platinum or Silver. One needs to wear it on the middle finger and before wearing the same one needs to perform a Puja of the stone. To get the cat's eye gemstone benefits one needs to get the horoscope checked by an expert, and if he recommends the stone, one can go for the same. One needs to get the stone with theweight of minimum 5.25 ratti.

The Panna Stone: 

The stone of Emerald is also known as Panna, and it represents the planet,Mercury. This planet is known as Buddh, and it has direct effects on one’s capacity of decision and prudence. Those who suffer from poor positioning of this planet in the horoscope are recommended to wear this stone in a ring, pendant or a bracelet. This stone can help one to improve the financial condition, thestate of health, and overall intelligence. Those who are to deal with the public should wear it. The wearer needs to have the stone with a minimum of 5.25 Ratti weight and wear the same on the little finger. The best day to have the ring is Wednesday, and one needs to perform the Puja of the stone before wearing the same. The ring or pendant or a bracelet must be made of five metals or Silver or Gold. The wearer must know the positive and negative effects of wearing the ring, and hence it is always better to ask an expert before going for this stone. This stone is usually available in radiant green color and looks beautiful. 

One can go for the Panna stone buy online as there are many portals which sell this stone with a certificate of originality. There are many sellers in the online as well as offline market, and hence one needs to buy the stone with great care. A fake stone cannot provide the desired benefits. One can check the rates and quality of the stone with different portals and choose one that can offer a good deal.

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