You cannot Miss the Enlightening Museums of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the biggest city of Gujrat and it has so many beautiful places for its tourist. Whether you talk about religious spots, historic destinations, artistic monuments, or splendid museums, you can get them all right under the realm of this city. 

In case you have a flair for museums then you must not skip a visit to this city. Here you can find a rich streak of museums. So, just get your rooms booked in Gujarat tourism hotels and carry out a beautiful trip to Ahmedabad. Whether it is Gandhiji's nonviolent revolution or the distinct designs of Gujarati folk art, these Museums in Ahmedabad attract tourists from all over for their vast and informativecollection of collectables. It won’t be wrong to say that a single visit to the Museums in Ahmedabad shall acquaint you to history, culture and art of this amazing city! For now, let us talk about some of the museums of this city!

Sardar Patel National Museum 

This Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel museum was set up in 1978 by Shri BabubhaiJasbhai Patel who was the then Hon. Chief Minister. This museum was later improved in twenty thirteen with the addition of the interactive exhibits. The museum showcases the pieces and the belongings of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and it also contains two multimedia halls which shed light on different aspects of life of Sardar. The museum carries info in 3 languages i. e. Hindi, Gujarati and English for ensuring the ease of the visitors. The best attraction of this museum is 3D light, sound and lasers show and this permanent set up is a distinct experience. It is first of its type in India which takes you back in the time and narrates the story of motherland, India. There is much more stored in this museum for tourists and visitors. 

Calico museum of textiles

The museum possesses one of the world’s premium collections of modern and antiqueIndian textiles which are all handmade and up to five hundred years old. There are some astonishingly gorgeous pieces, showing unbelievable virtuosity and luxury. One shall witness Kashmiri shawls which took three years to get made, and the double-ikat cloths whose one hundred thousand threads were individually dyed before they get weaved. 

It has various textile galleries wherein you get to witness amazing examples of royal garments, tapestries, tribal costumes, exquisite saris, Patola and Mashru weaves and Bandhani tie-dye. An exclusive gallery displays diverse examples of needlework from across the world. Moreover, the visitors can also witness sacred bronzes, devotional cloth hangings and tiny paintings. 

Gandhi Memorial Museum 1917

Mahatma Gandhiji, the father of Nation was such an amazing personality of the contemporary era that it is tough to imagine that such a personality had ever walked on earth. He built Ashram on bank of Sabarmati on seventeenth June 1917. Gandhiji stayed there for several years but never return to the Ashram after the Dandi March. Here fresh museum was built in 1963 and in this museum around 34,177 letters written by Gandhiji are conserved. The visitors can witness many objects and stuff of Gandhiji here. 

Thus, just reserve your rooms in the Ahmedabad five star hotels and experience the greatness of these museums.
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