Fastest Growing Metropolis Pune and Office Spaces for Rent

Pune is renowned for its splendid historical museums and palaces just as it is for the exquisite gardens. It is rightly acclaimed “cultural capital of Maharashtra”. Here we see why there is so much interest for the investor in this historical city.
Grandeur of Pune
Pune is the one of the largest cities in India and has a population of 6,284,315. The hilly city has an average elevation of 650 metres and lies on the Sahyadri mountain range. It is a popular tourist destination and has plenty of attractions by way of palaces, museums, forts, and gardens. 

Good for investment
It is considered one of the best places for investments due several reasons. One is the rapidly rising GDP growth. The other is the rise in the land value inside Pune. Being highly developed, one cannot get any new office or business space within the city proper.
Fastest growing GDP
Pune has forts, military establishments, educational institutions making it an Oxford of the East. The GDP growth is the fastest and the city could become a Class A city from its present status of Class B. The per capita annual GDP stood at Rs 5.4 lakh in 2010 and will increase to Rs 18 lakh by 2025 becoming the highest in the country. It is the fastest growing city not only in India but in the whole Asia-Pacific region.
Appreciation in land and rental value
The office space in Pune is in much demand due to the high rate of progress of the city. The buy rates of land in Pune is between Rs 3,524 and Rs 5,324 per square foot while the rental rates lie between Rs 5,678 and Rs 14,320 depending on the number of rooms in the house. The single bedrooms are in the lower end of the scale and the three bedrooms are at the higher end.
Much beauty around the city
Just beyond the city limits lie the twin hill stations Lonavala and Khandala. You can regale it the splendid serenity of the backwaters of the Khadakvasal Dam. There are numerous gardens here in Pune such as the Pu La Deshpande gardens, Mulshi Dam, and Osho Garden.
Use of shared offices
There is plenty of scope for developing the offices in Pune. Since, there is a demand, one should resort to alternate methods for using the office space. For instance, the building owner may have 3,000 square feet of space. The going demand for offices is only about 800-1,200 square feet. So, the owner must rent out the space to three offices as shared office space. One must care for one’s money.
These kinds of shared offices help increase the revenue for the building owners. It creates a high utilization of building space that optimises usage. Further, it brings more benefit for more businesses in the neighbourhood. All this make the value of the building increase and therefore increase profit.
Investing in the fastest growing metropolis in India should give you great returns on your money. Look for commercial ventures especially office spaces to make your investment. Be wise with your investment, Pune offices are safe and help you make a good profit.
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