Guidelines to adopt a baby

Adopting a child is considered to be a virtue in itself. The decision for adoption could be a tough one especially if you are living in a joint family. In India, the concept of adoption is slowly being accepted; but majority of households still prefer to have a biological child rather than adopting. When you adopt a child – it will give a new hope to the child. It will get better home and education. It will have a proper place in the society. 

Let’s say that you have decided to adopt a baby; you just cannot go to the adoption centre or an orphanage and adopt. There are many procedures, rules and regulations to be followed. The process of adoption is a bit lengthy and this could be one reason why parents / couples refrain from taking an adopted child. In order to smoothen the process; it is recommended that you take the help of a legal person.  Normally the situation is that any childless couple or a single female can go on to adopt a child, but in case of single male they cannot adopt and if they plan to do so it has to be through a registered agency.

Here are some guidelines to be kept in mind while you decide to adopt a child

Age of the couple / parents

You need to check with yourself whether this is the right age for you to adopt a child. There are many parents who are very young and would want to adopt the child. The agencies which provide the children for adoption have set rules in terms of age of the parents. The age of the parents should be between 25 and 40 years. This is because if they are very young; it would be difficult for them to shoulder the responsibility of the adopted child both financially and emotionally. 

Parents should be ready emotionally

It is not an easy decision to bring one more child in the family; especially when the child is not your own blood nor related in the family. It is a true challenge for the parents in order to take a perfect decision to adopt a child. There are many instances where the parents have not been able to take care of the child properly and they have decided to give back the child. In such cases the child passes through a traumatic situation. This could bring in adverse effect on the development of the child. 

Financial status of the couples

Though the couple would be ready emotionally – they have discussed with their family and friends; it is vital that they are ready financially. Even if you do not have your own child; and you are adopting a baby you will have to bear all expenses what you would have borne for the biological child. You should not feel at one point of time that there is no need to do anything extra since the child is adopted. Legally the parents will have to provide proper evidence that they are capable of taking care of the future of the child; they will not send back the child back to the adoption home in case of any problems. 

Thus, even though adoption is becoming legal in most of the countries including India – it has various aspects to be checked and covered.
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