The Best Way to Download All Videos from a YouTube Channel

I can assure you there is no video sharing website as perfect as YouTube. In fact I have my favorite channels that I love watching and even downloading videos from. What annoys most is the fact that YouTube does not allow one to download all videos from a channel at once. As such I had to copy and paste each single video link.

With the new iPhone 5 listening and recording videos from YouTube has become more interesting. Its long battery endurance, loudspeakers and up to 40 hours music play time allow you to download as many videos as possible from you tube social media marketing. However, this issue of downloading one video at a time limits my capacity to maximize the great features of iPhone 5.

Thank God this is no longer a problem. I discovered the iSkysoft iTube studio which I strongly believe is currently the best you tube channel downloader. With iSkysoft studio I no longer have to worry about downloading all contents of a YouTube channel directly to my iPhone 5.

How to download all videos from a YouTube channel with iTube Studio? Here is a step by step guide to let you know better download and install iSkysoft YouTube channel downloader.

Since this is a program you must have it installed on your PC in order to use it. Once you have it, a download all option will be automatically included in the YouTube channels.

Open the iSkysoft program
All you need to do is click on the already installed program to open it and make it functional.

Log on to YouTube and select a channel of your choice
You should then open the particular channel you wish to download videos from. Since you have the downloader installed and opened the download all choice will appear once you the channels open.

Just a single click to start downloading
Using this YouTube channel downloader is not complex. A dialog box with all the videos available on that given channel will be displayed. You can then select the videos you wish to download and then click to download them. Actually you will be able to execute the command with only one click.

Begin downloading your videos
Once you click on the download button, all videos will start downloading immediately. Most amazing is that this program allows one to download a maximum of 8 videos simultaneously. Once you have your videos you can do anything you want with them.

Remember, having all your favorite videos at your disposal gives you lots of convenience. As for me, no YouTube channel downloader beats the iSkysoft iTube Studio. It is the perfect solution to all channel download problems. And also there is an official tutorial on how to download videos from YouTube channel or playlist, check here:
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