Know our Ancient past in the National Museum of Mankind, Bhopal

Museums serve as a very important source of information about everything historic. It is not only the objects or artefacts that we get to see during a tour inside of museums, we also get to gain a load of important information regarding the said artefact. Museums therefore have become indispensible not only for a student or enthusiast of history, but for also for any tourist, who is in quest of knowledge. One such museum is the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya or IGRMS located in the city of Bhopal, in Madhya Pradesh.
This anthropology museum is one of the famous tourist destinations of this city of Bhopal drawing hundreds of visitors every year. Tourist can do a hotel booking in Bhopal before visiting the museum. 

Popularly known as the museum of man, the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya puts up on exhibit the evolution of human kind and the culture of the people who lived and evolved in and around the Indian subcontinent. This museum beautifully depicts the story of mankind through time and space and makes it a very educational yet interesting tourist destination. Add to it, the fact that the museum authorities hold additional exhibitions and events where artefacts and objects of historical significance are flown in from abroad makes it a must visit place while in Bhopal.

The National museum of Humankind is spread over a large area of about 200 acres perched atop the Shyamla Hills of Bhopal very close to the Van Vihar National park, making it easier for tourists to visit both the places with very less amount of time spend on commute. With an entry fee of a meagre 10 INR, this place gives the visitors a detailed insight of not only the evolution of man in a broad sense but also has diverse sections specializing in various social aspects like lifestyle of the people, the houses they used to live in how those changed with time, ceremonies that were performed in ancient past and how time and modernization has affected those ceremonies, especially marriage. The culture and customs of the people as well as their religion come to light. 

Outstation tourist can get an online hotel booking in Bhopal where they can stay in the city and spend an idle afternoon in the museum learning in details about the evolution of the various tribal population of a country as diverse as ours. The museum boasts of miniature models of different types of settlements found in our country like the coastal settlements or even deserts that are unique to the desert or the Himalayas. Another very popular exhibit is the mythological trail that tells the visitor about different myths and legends of Indian folklore. The indoor section of the museum also has other than an exhibition hall, a reference library and other facilities. The museum also hosts a variety of workshops, both educational as well as artistic from time to time.

The museum is a great tourist attraction in the city of Bhopal - that is not just interesting but also provides a very rare insight into the past of man’s evolution.
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