Best Supplements for Beginners!!

The trend of body building and strength training has taken over the world and especially when it comes to men, we all know how crazy they are to get those six pack abs, stiffened chest with huge muscles!

Now, if you are new to strength training and are about to begin your journey than just keep one thing in your mind that do not expect fast results!

The biggest mistake people often make when it comes to body building is that they want quick results which than leads them to a variety of diseases and other malfunctions.

So, first thing is first, let your body take its time to grow and specifically don’t go for steroids! We all have witnessed common cases of deaths and other chronic diseases that people are suffering through just due to the use of steroids.

Many people mistake supplements as steroids which is totally wrong and both of them have completely different meanings.

Supplements are basically a mixture of natural ingredients and nutrients that target the increase in compound levels in the body. Both the steroids and the supplements increase the body mass and endurance but supplements are much more safe than steroids and they come with very little and sometimes no side effects.

Here in this article we are going to jot down a few supplements that are best for the beginners but before that we will tell you some important things that you should know before getting started with strength training.

  • You have to maintain a balance between your nutrition and your training in order to get the maximum results out of the supplements.
  • You should only train for one hour each day and four days a week at maximum.
  • Overtraining will not get you faster results in fact it can harm your body.
  • Strength training requires you to have meals almost 7 times a day so don’t reduce your meals because then your supplements won’t benefit you and you might as well get sick.
  • Protein is the magic ingredient that will help you a lot during your strength training journey so make sure all your meals contain 20 grams of protein each!

Now, here are the top 4 best strength training supplements!

Whey Protein
As said earlier, proteins are the magic ingredients that trigger your muscle growth like no other ingredient does. It is now a set rule everywhere that if you want to build some muscles and your body bass on general basis than simply add lots and lots of protein to your diet! The best way you can consume protein and benefit from it is the Whey protein, it is more easily digested and it directly enters your blood stream and gets to work rapidly in order to show quick results. 

You can consume it pre-or post workout, as per your desire. But it triggers your muscle growth like no other protein does specially if you consume it right after your workout. Just make a shake and consume it anywhere you want to!

The only drawback that whey protein comes with is that it is quite expensive if you are consuming it for a longer duration and if you are trying to lose weight then beware because whey protein comes with lots of calories! Generally it is not at all dangerous and a certain amount of it consumed every day will start showing results within a month!
Fish Oil
Omega 3 and Omega 6 are very important for you if you are on your way to strength training and many people don’t get it in their diet which is why Fish oil is necessary for you.

A dosage of 2 – 4 grams per day is recommended for strength trainers as fish oil acts as an anti-inflammatory which is required for muscle recovery.

Not only does the fish oil benefit in muscle growth in fact it also is full of advantages especially for cardiovascular diseases and cancer too. What’s more interesting about fish oil is that It also aids in weight loss.

According to a study, kids who consume fish oil on daily basis are much sharper and their general body growth is also fast and they are more active than those kids who do not consume fish oil.

Kids, adults, teenagers, every group of age must consume fish oil in order to lead a healthy life because one can simply not deny the benefits that fish oil comes with! So, every individual must consume a little amount of fish oil on daily basis in order to get benefited in various ways!

There is nothing wrong with consuming fish oil, you just will have a bad taste after consuming it and sometimes a mild heartburn and that Is it. Also, it is inexpensive and won’t cost you much!

Creatine has gone through a lot of research and study and it is concluded that this supplement is beneficial in a variety of clinical and non-clinical ways.

However if we talk about its role in strength training and muscles growth then you can think of it as an energy booster which provides your body the power of training beyond limit.

It is suggested that creatine should be consumed on daily basis even of you are taking a rest from your workout, yet you should consume 5g of it daily!
It provides you energy for those high intensity workouts that are necessary for your muscles to grow. It also triggers quick recovery and delivers necessary nutrients to your body like no other supplement does.

The only side effect that creatine comes with is that of water retention which is why people gain weight after using this supplement and at times you also lose energy after you are done with your workout. Generally, it also has no serious side effector danger!

Beta Alanine
When you work real hard on the set, you can have a very severe burning sensation in your body but don’t worry, it is very normal to have that sensation.
Now, what Beta Alanine does is that it helps in preventing that muscles acidosis, with it you will no longer have the fatigue and workout loss in fact you will feel more powerful during your workout sessions and that way you can get faster strength improvement.

It eliminates body fat and enhances body strength which is why you should take it on daily basis, if it’s your workout day then take it 30 minutes before workout and you will see and feel the results for yourself! There is no special drawback of consuming Beta Alanine, it’s a bit expensive!

Above we have mentioned the 4 most beneficial and necessary supplements that will aid you in strength training like no other supplement can and you yourself will see the results within a few weeks after consuming them.

Now, other than these supplements you generally should take complete care of yourself and notice the little changes and details of your body, it is very important to keep a check on your own self because there are times that we ignore certain signs that our body is showing and then ultimately, we get tangled up in something serious just because of our ignorance.

So, get yourself checked monthly and make sure that your body is functioning properly. Specially you should always keep a check on your heart rate as it the major organ that affects all the other body functions. You don’t have to rush to the doctor to check your heart beat daily in fact you can do it manually at home by using a Stethoscope.

ConclusionSupplements are not dangerous until you exceed the dosage, you just have to make some proper research on what and how is a particular supplement going to benefit you and we hope we were quite clear in explaining each of the above supplements!

The only drawback to all the supplements is that they are expensive but on the other hand if you are spending a few extra dollars in order to achieve your goal then you surely will see the results too! So, don’t worry because the results are guaranteed.

Lastly, one more thing that you need to focus on is your diet! The only way these supplements won’t work will be if you are not careful about your diet and what you are eating so if you desire to have faster and permanent results then keep a check on what you are consuming in your diet and what nutrients and vitamins are going on your body!

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