7 factors that you need to know before whitening your teeth

Teeth whitening is a trend now, and it has become more accessible nowadays both over the counter or at your dentist) and fortunately, the teeth whitening process has seemed to be loved by more and more people thanks to its excellent results and its effectiveness.

However, there are some factors that we think you might need to concern more before you whiten your teeth at the dentist’s office.

Get a bigger smile
Adult’s teeth are often in pale grey, yellow color, not pure white, and usually, these colors will gradually deepen time after time when your enamel thins, showing the less – white layer of the dentin under it. Moreover, food that we consume every day such as coffee, tea, fruit juice or simply soya sauce can leave the stains behind.

A dazzling bright smile might not seem so natural. However, that does not stop one from looking for them. It is claimed that more than 86% will prefer having the whiter teeth rather than let them as the way they are. Nowadays, there are various whitener products available not only from the counter but also at your dentist’s office.

Whitener products are various in strengths
The whitener products that you use for five, ten, fifteen minutes or more such as drugstore strips, dental – office gels as well as gel trays are mainly designed for restoring the teeth’s enamel by getting rid of dirt as well as debris. These whiteners consist of hydrogen peroxide (or an ingredient that can be broken down into hydrogen peroxide such as carbamide peroxide). They will release oxygen molecules into your mouth which can react chemically with the staining compounds and eventually remove them.  The effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide may vary vastly. It varies from 3 to 20 percent in the over – the – counter products and from 20 percent to 40 percent at the dentist’s office.

It seems apparent when different people have different sensitiveness to things especially teeth. Some might approach better companion than others. Indeed, how your mouth appears after and the feeling after the work has been done may vary as well. Due to gum irritation, pain and temporary sensitivity in the teeth might trigger possible side effects which majorly depends on the product you have chosen. Moreover, the way the teeth responding to the treatments at the office and home is very different to each other.

It’s unlikely you’ll cause damage to tooth enamel
If you are concerned about the tooth enamel, now you know that it won’t happen. There is a meager chance that you might cause damage to your tooth enamel as long as you do as the correct instruction tells and do not let the whitener sit on your teeth for a longer time you should.

Some people should not use whitening products
It’s true even though the whitening process and those whitener products are mostly considered safe; they still might not mean for everyone, including pregnant women, breastfeeding women and adolescents whose baby teeth remains and those with sensitive teeth or gum disease. However, you have to take note that whiteners won’t change the color of crowns, dead teeth or fillings so if you have those, you might need to choose whiter fillings to suit them together.

Whitening doesn’t last forever
To help you with your option, confirm with your dentist about what whitener products. He will tell you about the results and the available products and necessary information for you to make a decision better and easier. Moreover, just enhancing your brushing schedule and technique or having an expert cleaning will let you have incredibly whiter teeth as well. Whatever whitening products you have used, bear in mind that the outcomes cannot last forever. It is the matter of time before your teeth are ready for a touch – up.

You can’t foresee how sensitive you are going to be
In fact, it is not possible to predict the level of sensitiveness and pain, if any you’ll feel after the treatment. Some of the treatment will consist of a desensitizing gel which can help you whenever you apply it, or you can try ibuprofen as well. Even a fluoride mouth rinse or a desensitizing toothpaste that contains fluoride may make a vast difference because fluoride makes a great choice as a tooth desensitizer. Moreover, if you are struggling with your DIY kit, you can try to take a 2 to 3 – day short break before trying again, or you can apply the whitening product for half of the time in the instruction.

DIY ways
Apparently, you do not want to inject money to products that might not bring you anything, and you’ve heard about DIY whitening products with lemonade, crushed strawberries, and baking soda, so you want to give them a try. Sure, go ahead with that idea, however, it is not very highly recommended. Why? Because it is not healthy if you bathe your teeth with acid and eventually have more sensitive teeth or even worse like lose tooth structure. Sounds devastating right?
Therefore, to keep your white teeth without paying, you should brush as soon as after eating or drinking food, stain culprits such as blueberry pie, tea, red wine or coffee. Also, try to put soy milk or dairy products to your coffee or tea instead of consuming the way as it is. And the best idea is to quit smoking, if you are doing it, right away.

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