Guide to buy used car tyre online

Purchasing a new set of tyres is expensive and capable to put a dent in your pocket. If you do not have the budget or your car is old, and you don’t want to spend too much, get used pieces online as there is a good variety of products that can be purchased at very reasonable cost.

Before deciding to buy used car tyre online, it is recommended that you understand the fine details to ensure that they are in perfect working order and safe for usage. Focus on the tread and overall condition of each piece before finalising the deal to ensure you get the best quality used wheels for a lasting and smooth drive.

Here is a guide to buying used car tires so that you can make the best choice in this regard:

Safety aspect

When buying used treads online, understand the safety risks and accept them before going ahead with the purchase. Complete the search and purchase process to ensure that you are buying the pieces that work perfectly well before finalising the deal.

Tyre parts

It is necessary to check out the parts before buying them because you will enjoy better drive experience if it is in good shape. You need to watch out the tread as this is what keeps the rubber intact on the road and prevents the car from sliding in wet or icy conditions. Tread is grooves located along the outer rim of the tyre and ensures safe driving.

The main parts of the tires that you need to look out for include:

•    Sidewall
•    Inner wall
•    Markings

Tyre Condition

You can determine the condition by examining it carefully, but this is not possible when you buy them online. However, you can always ask various questions from the seller to make a wise decision in this regard.

Ask about tread depth as the law requires that all tyres must have at least 1.6mm of tread depth across 75 percent of the tread; getting used pieces with worn treads means that you will have to replace them again after a few months.

Tread patterns

Check out the pattern of tread wear on the tyres as excessive wear can lead to a bumpy ride. It can also mean there is something wrong with the rubber and it is internally damaged. Ask the seller about tread patterns to understand the condition accurately.

Sidewall damage

There should be no signs of wires underneath, no visible cuts or deep scratches that result from dangerous driving. The sidewalls should be in perfect condition. Moreover, the minor scratches should be no bigger than a fingernail and not broader than a few millimeters.


Having patches means that the tire has been already damaged from inside and suffered punctures. Do not buy a piece that has been patched and ask questions about the physical condition of the tire and if it looks any different from others due to the patch.

Tyre age

It is essential to ask about the age before buying a used product. It is because Falken tyres are good for five to ten years only. It is better to check out how old it is before investing in it. The tyre age is mentioned on the sidewall markings; you can ask the online seller to take a shot and send it to you so that you can rest assured you are buying a genuine product that is not too old and about to expire.

Conclusion: These are few simple guidelines you can implement to buy car tyre online without wasting your money.
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