Assessing an employee and the challenges faced

The big corporations of this world have a workforce that numbers in the tens of thousands, and it is a number to which they add more people each and every year. One may consider it a prestigious offer if they were able to work for one of these corporations in their lifetime. But this is not just the dream of a select few; almost every graduate hopes to land a job with one of the giants of the corporate world. With a job of such a status comes a persona that demands respect and authority, along with a host of other social and practical perks. Companies also want to grow their workforce and find individuals who are suited to delivering and who can take the company to new heights. 

When looking for recruits, the company faces a host of challenges. Some of these challenges include conducting the right kind of tests, assessing the employees correctly and also making sure not to lose key hires. The first part of a hiring process whether it is on a college campus or a walk-in interview is the aptitude test. Most tests nowadays are conducted online instead of a written pen and paper test. This online proctored exam eliminates the hassles a company faces when they make the tests, like costs of printing and hiring people to assess the responses and painstakingly compile data. An online system does all this almost instantaneously. The test takers get their results and a very good evaluation of their individual strengths and weaknesses. The company meanwhile gets good data on whom to hire, based on their scores and the percentile they belong to. 

One more aspect of such testing is a personality test; this comes after the initial stages of aptitude tests. They evaluate if the employee’s mind-set is on the right track and or if they share similar ideals and values as the company. They also help companies making key decisions to ensure they do not lose employees.
Nearly 60-90 percent of all first-year hires decide to quit jobs after their first year. A majority of them make this decision within the first six months of working. Companies invest a lot of money while hiring employees, including the recruiting process, the training and integration of employees and a lot more hidden costs. When factored in properly, this cost per employee is quite significant for the company. So when multiple employees decide to quit it sets back the company a lot. 

One can see why assessments and testing can be highly beneficial while hiring employees. Its benefits also branch out to intra-company purposes. Companies can conduct assessments to measure the value of each individual employee and see if they still fit the initial job roles that they were assigned. Test results can reveal if they are coping with the work stresses and the pressures involved in a day to day work life.

In all the many benefits of regular testing are clear, and it should not just be adopted by the big corporations. If any company seeks to find more success than adopting assessments can be the right way.  
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