Different Types of Abaya to Make You Look Adorable

While it comes to Muslim wear for ladies, the only word comesto your mind is ‘Modest’ yes, whatever you wear, you will look elegant and sophisticated. Abaya is one of the most important Muslim wear that they wear at any occasion, whether it is formal, semi-formal or traditional. So far, Abaya was available in authentic black and those may not have many designs. But, today, the fashion designers are using it as their canvas and showing lots of creativity without hampering the traditional touch. Due to the fusion of tradition and trendy style, Abayas have become one of the awesome Muslim wear for women. Today, you will get the latest designs of different types of Abaya. Read on to know more-

1.      The Closed Abaya

While talking about designer abayas, this is the most authentic format you can get. This is the traditional format and quite simple and for many women, it is quite convenient as they don’t need to wear anything heavy underneath. You just need to slip into it and you are dressed for an occasion. As there are no buttons, you don’t need to worry about slipping of buttons.

2.      The Abaya Cardi

While you want to buy women’s Abaya, this must be the favorite of those who want to look stylish and gorgeous in an Abaya. Though there are no front buttons, it often comes with abelt to fasten it well. This is one of the most modern and designer Abayas that fashion designers have designed so far. You can wear it with any type of dresses, like skirts, pants or dresses. As this Abaya is suitable for any occasion, you can wear it whenever you like.

3.      The Open Button Abaya

The name suggests the design. There are buttons at the front and this is quite popular among stylish ladies. If you are a new mother, wearing it will help you while breastfeeding. Also, this dress is suitable for any type of occasion. You need to wear proper pants with it as your legs will be shown while walking. Take care of the buttons as they may loosen with time. Just tie them up well.

4.      The Draped Abaya

The fashion designers around the world try relentlessly to bring certain new and exclusive touch to the traditional clothes without disturbing its authenticity. The draped Abaya is really one of the biggest examples of that. This dress is inspired by the Grecian draped gowns and they are made of soft and flowing fabric that will keep you comfortable in every season. You can by this Abaya with flower motifs to look trendy. This is suitable for any type of special occasions and you can just wear leggings underneath.

These are certain types of modern-looking Abaya that you can buy from any shop or online. Buying online is an easy option today where you don’t need to be stressed out and order from the comfort of your house. You can follow the proper guidelines and buy suitable accessories for it.
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