Best Options for Your Dessert Buffet

House parties are an excellent way to have a get together with all your loved ones. Besides keeping a variety of appetizers and main course dishes, drinks and dessert menus are something that everyone looks forward to. A lot of people these days choose to keep a long dessert buffet at their parties for that extra fancy touch to their house party. Dessert buffets are a great addition to your house party because every guest gets their choice of dessert instead of the regular Indian sweets and ice cream for dessert.

Are you planning to keep a huge dessert buffet at your party? Wondering which desserts to keep for the party? Here are the top dessert dishes that people absolutely love at parties –

Chocolate mousse

You can never really go wrong with chocolate mousse. The thick gooey dark chocolate whipped with fresh eggs, whipped cream and dark chocolate is best served cold with some whipped cream on top. After a long meal and a few drinks down, dark chocolate mousse tastes better than ever! This will definitely be an excellent addition to your desert buffet. You can bulk order fresh dark chocolate mousse from any Jaipur sweet mart or even online bakeries that do home deliveries at affordable rates.

Chocolate fountain

Apart from the excellent taste of melted chocolate, the entire presentation of molten chocolate falling from a fountain is so soothing to look at. The fresh aroma of the warm molten chocolate is extremely appetizing! You can keep a variety of items for your guests to enjoy this molten chocolate with. Fresh cut fruits, small pieces of chocolate brownie, marshmallows, dates and other such exciting combinations will be a showstopper at your party!

Bread pudding

For people who aren’t chocoholics, bread pudding is an excellent dessert option! This dish is best served warm so ensure that the waiters are well informed about this. Bread pudding can be made with or without eggs. If you have a mixed crowd of vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests, you can provide an eggless option for them as well. This dish isn’t extremely sweet which is what makes it a winner for everyone especially the oldies! You can custom order your bread pudding dish from any reputed Jaipur sweet store that prepares eggless versions of sweets.

Fruit cake pastries

Fruit cake is a winner at any party because it has the freshness of real fruits mixed with soft vanilla sponge cake and fresh butter cream and whipped cream! Fruit cake pastries are an excellent way to add variety to your dessert buffet. These also look super cute in presentation and the pure white cream will definitely grab some attention! Everyone loves fruit cake including kids and older people who don’t like the bitterness of chocolate.

Apart from that, cake pops, mini lemon tarts and gourmet chocolate croissants are an excellent option for your dessert buffet as well! You can order these from any bakery that delivers cakes and gifts in Jaipur for affordable delivery charges.
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