Some questions to pose before you head over to a fertility clinic

Imagine a situation where you are above the age of 35 years. You are trying to conceive but success is not eluding you. If this is the case then you would need to head to a doctor. They are going to suggest a series of tests.  Here your partner can be checked by an urologist as well. Now if things are in order you would need to consult a fertility specialist. They are going to diagnose if there is any problem or not. Before you head over to the best IVF centre in India you need to understand more about the procedure. For sure this is going to help you take a well informed decision.

You are fully conscious of the fact that you are pregnant? Now where is the place you would need to head to?

The market is flooded with lot of fertility clinics. They do provide you with a lot of information. Now the question is how you decide on which clinic suits you the best. There are some questions to figure out on how things work better for you.

What would be the live birth rate?

In medical terms this goes by the name of the take baby home rate. Most of the fertility clinics go on to publish their success rate. Here the focus would be on clinical pregnancy rate. Here you do not account the history of miscarriages. Here a point to be aware is that most clinics will refuse to take high risk patients. The simple reason being that it drops down their success rate considerably.

What are the lists of procedures they go on to do?

This information can be obtained from the website of the company. If this is not the case you would need to ask them in details. Mostly all the procedures you can get at the clinic. If you need IVF then you would need to ask them.

How long has the business being in operation? What is the experience of the director

The experience along with spectrum of activities assume a lot of importance here. What is the experience a medical director processes and how long they have been in this field. Are they members of all the standard associations is another question you would need to find out. A clinic that has been in this line of business for a considerable amount of time and gone on to treat a lot of patients would be a better choice.

To sum it up do have an concise idea about the location of the fertility clinic. During the course of the treatment you would need to visit the place a number of times. Then the location assumes a lot of importance. Without disruption of your normal routine you are in a better position to deal with things.

Always opt for a reference. This would go on to help you considerably. This would mean that someone would have done the treatment in the past.
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